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Construction Year  2012




Surrey Hills Residence began as a subdivision to the rear and the existing house was retained. The original site, over 660sqm with an easy walk to shops, transport and public spaces, was identified as a perfect location for an infill development. The charm and landscape of the art deco house has been preserved and the new development at the rear has direct access off the side lane.


Meandering up the gravel track the new development is revealed. Luscious low level vegetation lines the side of the lane and the first glimpse exposes a timber clad box cantilevered over the ground floor. Deep aluminum reveals surround the windows and punctuate the box providing privacy screening to side views. The development turns its back on the multi storey office building to the south and creates an inward looking sunny oasis for the owners.


Working on a compact site just over 300sqm it was important to maximize the sense of space and light and integrate both indoor and outdoor areas. Walls were located on the boundary and partially retained to minimise height and visual impact on the neighbours. The second storey, stepping off both the south and west boundary, further reduces the impact to adjacent properties.

Sydenham Lane has been designed with a focus on the principles of environmental sustainability. The dwelling is clad in sustainably harvested, white cypress timber. We have created a sensitive, functional design for this dwelling that comfortably accommodates the growing needs of a family on a 300sqm lot. The passive design principals employed will reduce energy bills, limit excess waste and conserve storm water runoff.

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