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DE atelier Architects were engaged by the VSBA to complete the master plan and subsequent documentation and construction stage services for Merrivale PS. The master plan involved the review of the existing facilities and the determination of the needs for the school over the next 10-15 years. The master plan identified 3 primary new buildings, the upgrade and modernisation of the existing primary classroom building, and significant site works to provide improved access and connections through the site.


The new building proposed included a new administration building, a new learning centre and a library and stem centre. 

The initial stage identified to address the immediate needs of the school has seen the completion of the design for the standalone three (3) classroom Shared Learning Hub and a new School Administration Building incorporating staff office, staff room, and staff & student amenities areas and the primary site upgrades.

The shared learning area is designed to provide flexibility in the use of the spaces, which was a key objective for the school through large sliding doors and furniture selection.  The design of the Administration building provides a defined and welcome entry to the school. It links the existing primary classroom building with the retained portable, the new teaching hub, and the multi-purpose facility.


The school is on a steeply sloping site subject to harsh coastal weather. The configuration of the new buildings, combined with the adjustment of site levels, has allowed for a more seamless universal transition, removing physical and visual barriers within the school grounds.

This project design has been well received by both the client (VSBA), the principal, and the school community. Stage 1 of the project was completed at the end of 2023. 

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