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A Vision for Mt Buffalo Chalet & Surrounds

Built above the snowline more than 100 years ago, The Mount Buffalo Chalet is a beautiful timber building of historic and sentimental importance. It was once the heart of a bustling tourism destination.

The Mount Buffalo Chalet Destination Advisory Group (MBDAG) was recently established to develop a community led proposal for the reactivation of the area. DE atelier director, Leon Eyck will lead the building Fabric & Resort Master Planning component for the MBDAG proposal.

The proposal will aim to

  • preserve and enhance the existing Chalet

  • boost the local economy by creating and reactivating tourism infrastructure

  • showcase sustainability and environmental initiatives.

Leon can draw on extensive experience in resort master planning and design for projects in North America including Whistler Village, Fernie and Mount Washington Apline Resorts. He will lead a team tasked with creating a resort vision for the entire precinct from the mountain's base to the 'crown jewel' at the peak, the Chalet.

“This project provides a fantastic opportunity to help develop a meaningful and socially progressive vision for Mount Buffalo. Mount Buffalo has a cherished place in Australian history both as the first Alpine Resort in the country (1936) and architecturally through the heritage listed Mount Buffalo Chalet being the largest fully timber framed building in Australia. I look forward in years to come to sitting at the Mount Buffalo Chalet and not only having played a part in saving the building but having assisted in the re-invigoration of the entire resort.” - Leon Eyck

Watch this space. We're excited to share progress on this exciting and important project.

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