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Update on the Vision for Mount Buffalo

Mount Buffalo Village Plan by DE atelier Architects

The Mount Buffalo Destination Advisory Group (MDAG) has recently presented the Vision for Mount Buffalo to the local community, Parks Victoria and the State Government. The production of the vision document was undertaken by DE atelier Architects for MDAG and the Alpine Shire. The vision presented provides an all of mountain, blue sky approach to how Mount Buffalo can be re-activated and provide the impetus for not only the preservation but enhancement of the historic Mount Buffalo Chalet and the entire mountain destination. This vision has brought together a broad collection of parties providing their expertise and knowledge and a passion for Mount Buffalo, including Tourism North East, the Alpine Shire, Wodonga TAFE, RMIT, Aalto Consulting, GHD and DE atelier Architects.

In addition to the design of the vision document DE atelier Architects role has been to provide a master plan for Mount Buffalo and has included preparing concepts for the Resort Gateway, Cresta Valley Alpine Activity Centre, Dingo Dell Outdoor Education Centre and the Mount Buffalo Chalet Village including both the reactivation of the historic Chalet and surrounding buildings and also a new Mount Buffalo Spa and Hotel.

Click here for more details: Vision for Mount Buffalo

Crest Valley Alpine Activity Centre by DE atelier Architects

You can see more on this project on DE atelier's: Project page - Vision for Mount Buffalo

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