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The Evolution of the 1960s Beachcomber House to Today's Platform Home

Updated: May 18, 2020

This is one my favourite articles that I enjoyed writing as part of my time on the HOUZZ team. Enjoy.

The genesis of the post-and-beam platform home can be traced to the 1960s when a housing revolution was about to begin. Post war, the start-up company Lend Lease, founded by visionary Dick Dusseldorp, saw a new way to provide housing to the masses. Employing Croatian-born architect Nino Sydney, the company reinvented housing as we know it today. The first project home, endeared by many in history, is known as the Beachcomber Mark I (1961) – a modernist building perched on steel stilts, and an architect-designed, open-plan family home that was affordable at a little over 4000 pounds. This home was part of five constructed to become the Lend Lease Project Homes Village in Carlingford, NSW, in 1961. Sydney designed, priced and managed the roll-out of all five Beachcombers delivered in less than a year, with the enviable track record of ‘on time and on budget’.

Featuring: Ocean Grove, Pole House

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